No additional time limit for registering existing projects: Maharashtra RERA

No additional time limit for registering existing projects: Maharashtra RERA

Pune: Gautam Chatterjee, Chairman, Maharashtra RERA has said that existing projects have to be registered before 31 July and no extended period will be given for that. He has requested the developers to quicken up their work. Chatterjee has said that Maha RERA will bring in transparency and will also bring in strictness in the real estate market.  He has siad that those who are good, and will follow the law should not fear about anything. Chatterjee has also said that transparency will eventually result in buyers investing more and as a result prices of the homes will decrease.

In a workshop conducted by Pune Metropolitan Regional development authority, he said that builders should get themselves registered as quickly as possible and has assured that under Maha RERA no guilty person will be leave easily and heavy penalty will be imposed on them.

With just 20 registeration till now, the pace of registry has been slow and Chatterjee has said that this is because developers have become caution regarding registering their ongoing projects as they have to list their projects in the public domain. Chatterjee has warned the developers saying that those who will not register on time their projects will be neglected and they will face consequences regarding it.

Shantilal Kataria, builder representative from CREDAI has said that he will encourage every member to get them registered before the end of the month and help desk facilities will soon be opened in the office


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