Jaipur Properties Sealed for Tax Dues.

Jaipur Properties Sealed for Tax Dues.

Jaipur: The Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) has decided to take strict action against the defaulters who have not deposited the urban development (UD) tax even after their proprieties were sealed.

In April, the corporation is planning to put these properties under hammer for auction to recover it’s dues. The JMC has issued warning to all the defaulters to deposit due amount till March 31 in order to avoid action.

“People who have objection with the calculation of UD tax can deposit 60% amount. The JMC would examine the amount and return the balance, if there is any,” added JMC official.

In February, the JMC initiated a drive to recover UD tax from its defaulters. The corporation fixed a target of Rs 150 crore. However, so far, it has only recovered Rs 48 crore, which is even lesser than the last financial year recovery. ” In last financial year 2016-2017, the JMC recovered Rs 65 crore. The momentum was break due to ongoing state assembly. The JMC has stopped taking action against defaulters as matter could be raised in assembly.” said a source…..Read more


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