37 years old real estate land scam of Rs. 3000 crore in Gurugram Exposed.

screenshot-2_17_2017-11_24_58-amGurugram: Another scam by government bodies of Haryana state has come under light when many Conflicting orders & special interest shown by the Gurugram collector and Haryana government on the appeal of various builders regarding the ownership right of 467 acres of land in Gwalpahari area (Gurugram) worth Rs. 3000 Crore. Many VVIPs and builders have been benefited by govt. bodies in this scam for their own faith.

More than 3 decade old dispute is about the ownership of Shamilat Deh (village common land) on which land owners of the village are continuously demanding the ownership right on the pro-rata basis since 1980.

The problem had aggravated after residents entered into an agreement with various realtors colonizers for sale of land because of realty boom in the area despite settlement of the land ownership dispute. The controversies regarding mutation of various land deals related to the land has led to multiple litigation in various courts.

Investigations revealed that the MCG had not challenged the order of then financial commissioner (FC) Y S Malik during his short tenure ­­ from August 1 to September 18, 2014. Malik had upheld ownership of private persons against the interests of MCG.

Documents further revealed how then Gurugram collector T L Satyapraksh, who had once refused to accept ownership title of builders villagers in the disputed land and upheld his predecessor Shekhar Vidyarthi’s orders, almost took a U-turn and upheld the mutation of controversial land in favour of a builder after receiving reference from the “chief secretary“ and the “chief minister“.

source: ET realty.

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