Another win of consumer over builder – DLF fined Rs. 55,000 by consumer forum.

Another win of consumer over builder – DLF fined Rs. 55,000 by consumer forum.

Screenshot - 2_11_2017 , 11_51_16 AM.pngAs the consumer is getting educated about its rights, the days of Builders exploiting homebuyers are over. Few days’ back it was Supetech fined by the court of Rs. 41 lakh and Now its DLF who has been fined with Rs. 55000 by the consumer form (Chennai) for not fulfilling its promises to customer. S Jayanthi and sreedhar booked a flat in DLF’s Garden City Complex in 2008 and the price of that apartment was Rs. 40 Lakh. In the buyers agreement it was promised that DLF will give a discount Rs. 200 per sq. ft. as timely payment rebate. The builder didn’t give the possession on time nor did it provide the promised rebate. Soon after sreedhar issued a legal notice DLF asked him to pay more because of increase in taxes like VAT and service charges. Sreedhar moved to district consumer disputes redressal forum, north Chennai. Where the court said that: “DLF had said Sreedhar had paid all installments within time except for a four-day delay in payment of around Rs 4.05 lakh. But DLFs argument was wrong as the date of encashment of the cheque could not be held as delay in payment. Sreedhar had paid around Rs 92,000 extra as the builder did not provide him the agreed rebate” Because of the delay of 14 months in providing the apartment, the builder had to pay compensation along with case costs, the bench said. DLF had also to register the Undivided Share of Land in his favor.

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