SC attaches Rs 39,000 crore worth of Sahara.

SC attaches Rs 39,000 crore worth of Sahara.

7 feb.pngProblems for Subrata Roy seems like not ending as the Supreme Court of India on Monday ordered attaching Sahara’s Aamby Valley properties worth Rs.3900 crore in Lonavala, Maharashtra.

As the order is passed now so the properties of Aamby Valley will be under court’s supervision and nobody can cease or do anything till the next hearing

Sahara admitted in front of court on Monday that he is liable to pay Rs. 14000 crore to Stock exchange board of India but he has already paid Rs. 11000 crore.

Sahara claims that they have already paid the 80 percent amount of the dues to share-holders but SEBi is refusing this and said that company has only paid Rs.10000 crore.

On 26th Feb 2014 Supreme Court of India ordered the arrest of Subrata Roy for not appearing in court regarding the case against him by SEBI, according to which he needs to pay 24000 crore to investors, Sahara was in tihar jail from March 24, to may 6 2014.

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