Does this home suit your future plans.

Does this home suit your future plans.

Thinking of buying a new home, better to prepare a checklist first about what exactly you want in your home to be and will it be a perfect home for your future, here we have tried to list down few pointers which may help you in finding a perfect home for you.

Budget: it look likes the most simple and easiest task to decide budget but trust me nothing is more complex than this as it includes various steps which should be completed one by one for deciding exact budget for your new home.


First of all try to find out your eligibility of getting a home loan and how much loan you can get, than it comes on estimated monthly installments (EMI) you need to pay every month and it is the biggest concern because it will affect your pocket the most and do not forget to compare your current income with your EMIs as it will give you clear picture of how much loan you can afford.

Family: after deciding on budget you need to decide that which size will perfectly suits your family, like number of bedrooms, size of living room, dining area etc.


May be you will also do require an extra room for guests, such factors can lead to question that do you require a single storey or two storey house

Lifestyle: After deciding the budget and size you need to pay attention on the locality or surroundings where you are going to have your new home as it should match your lifestyle and requirements.


Because a perfect home should be exactly same as what have you planned for.

Location: every location has its own charm and you need to be specific about choosing a location that whether it should be a park facing or should have parking space.


The location of your home will shape your future plans as it will also cause in changing the value of your property.

Floor Plan: last but not the least Floor plan of your home should be as per your requirements may be if you are very specific about Vastu so you might want to do some changes in your floor plan according to your believes.


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