When the local market conditions are not ideal – Realty media

When the local market conditions are not ideal – Realty media


“Every investment has its day” Just like every other investment plans you do for your bright future, Real Estate investments can always be not as favorable to you as it also does face rise and fall according to the conditions which can affect your local real estate market and changes your property’s value.

If you are a buyer

 Look for best “value to money” property

 Investment in property is never a small decision, every single point matters a lot in the value of what you are purchasing, from an extra storage room with bathroom, parking space to locality and even every inch space matters a lot.


When the market is low, do try to find the best property with best price and location because investing at the right time is the only key to gain better returns.

  1. Ask builder for great offers

 Why not to turn all odds against the market in favor of yours, as the market is facing a decline and rates are already going down you can try to get some more complimentary offers from the builders to get a nice deal.


As its nothing bad in asking for more because everybody need some privilege.

  1. Do not believe in graphical presentation of property

 Everything looks good at packing, but what’s actually stored in the pack matters the most.


Make sure that the actual site of the project is similar to what has been shown to you in images for getting 100% ensure about the deal.

  1. Check builder’s previous record

 Everything what shines isn’t gold and the same rule also does apply while purchasing property, never blindly trust the promises by builders.


It is better to cross check their previous record of Delivering projects and the feedback of previous customers will be a nice advice.

  1. Do ensure the worth of what you are purchasing

 Who wants to pay extra if you can get something much better even by paying less? So better to explore the market once before deciding anything, you never know may be you will get a better deal.

If you are planning to sell

  1. Do not over price your property

Before putting it on a sale a little research about the rates of property in your area can be deal cracker.


 Every buyer wants to get the best and pay less, so better to decide the price of property according to rates of current market situation

  1. Keep calm and wait for perfect buyer

Never show your eagerness to buyers that you are in hurry to sale out this property as they can use it against you to get a deal lesser than you expect.


If you are aware of the unfavorable conditions of the market better to wait for the perfect buyer so you don’t get a bad deal.

  1. Promise what you can deliver

Promises are always meant to be fulfilled and they do raise the bar of expectation of a buyer, delivering what you have promised is the best way to gain goodwill in the market.


Make it easy for both side seller as well as buyers, so promise what you can deliver.

  1. Close the deal on a good note

 Never lose a customer, always try to close the deal on a good note so that customer’s future reference can gain you more business.


  1. Complete the paper work

 Better to do all legal paperwork done by the seller to give a special privilege to the customer and let the customer be more relaxed and confident about the deal.


It is one of the ways to attract customers even if the market conditions are not ideal.

 Investing in real estate is not a rocket science all you need to do is a little research and a great timing rest will be all in favor of yours with few little efforts.

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